RECOVER HARD & ride harder

" ... We'll wait for you at the top!"

Yep. We hate hearing that too!

Bike Psyche exists to help you perform, and keep you performing! We compile the best supplements and nutrition into monthly tailored care packages. By centralising the really good stuff, you get exactly what you need from the one place to out perform your mate!

how it works:

Step 1!

Select the pack that suits your riding duration and personal goals. Each psyched pack is tailored for the time you spend on the bike.

Step 2!!

Throw in some extras and wait patiently by your door until the mailman arrives with your special order.

Step 3!!!

Consume & ride harder!!

Oh Hey!

Yep - we love bikes! Bike Psyche helps you achieve the epics you want by providing a one stop shop of the best supplements and nutrition on the market for bikes and life.

We are nerds and perfectionists, who just want to ride more. We figured out that training is easy (except for VO2 sessions!). Fuelling yourself to perform and continue performing isn’t.

We are fiercely independent, and bring you the best of the best. Everything we stock is tried, tested and loved. Order your fuel, grab some merch and be a part of the adventure!

<3 Jack and Ash

We love our crew & they love us!

I finally got rid of the 'saturday sads'!

Thanks guys for keeping me alive after a ride, it is nice being alive to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Dane Toleman

Every product received made a difference, but combined they are deadly. Bring on race season!

Jye Thompson