Consumption Cheatsheet

Our packs have a lot of great stuff, but you need to know the basics!

Everything included serves a different purpose. We will continue deep diving into all of our products over the next few months, but this is your new cheatsheet! A simple guide of why, when and how to consume every single thing we include. Keep in mind this is generic information and we highly recommend you listen and learn to your own body. As always, we are happy to tailor our packages to suit you perfectly but they are a great place to start! Here is a simple information spot to start if you want to know more, with many more articles accessible to dig into. 


Best of the Bone Broth - Sounds gross, but totally awesome. It is a slow cooked broth gelatin, that is high in collagen protein and rich minerals, essential fatty acids, and 19 amino acids. This stuff is the real gut health superfood, and the collagen helps a stack with joint health. A great snack/meal top up/ coffee replacement. A spoonful in a mug of hot water is amazing, but also add it to your cooking! 

Modex - Bloody amazing stuff (Pycnogenol) which helps your body deal with inflammation & oxidative stress. It helps you recover quicker and have a higher output, and is really useful for anyone doing 10+ hours per week of training. You take 30ml per day for maintenance & 100ml before the big sessions! Learn some more here.

PREPD - A really efficient way to boost your body's fluid absorption and decrease its fluid loss! It comes in a duo of PRIME and RECOVER, which go hand in hand. Basically utilising their resistance starch to enhance hydration, and have a positive impact on your gut health. Drink PRIME 6 to 12 hours before exercise (maybe night before if you have a big morning session / race) and RECOVER straight after. Read on if you would like!

Skratch Chews - The idea with chews is the slightly solid physical form allows the energy to trickle into the gut and provide a steady energy source. Secondly, they have weeded out all the excess ingredients that you don’t need like carnauba wax, colouring agents, and mystery flavours that get to be called natural. Each pack has 18g of carbs. Bang them in the gob and keep riding! 

Skratch Hydration Mix- We love this mix because it bangs together energy with nutrition. Two sugar types (cane sugar & dextrose) help with faster absorption and an electrolyte profile that actually matches what you sweat. We put a scoop into 60min workouts, because of this and then start doubling down on sessions above 90min. 

Vitamin C -  A really potent antioxidant. Another way to support your immune system and detox through your heavy training load. You already know it is good!

Vfuel - There are so many gels on the market, but we choose VFuel for their superior digestibility. They use maltodextrin as the primary carb (common), but dextrose as the second (uncommon). Stock up on these if you want to go far! Depending on how fuelled up your body is at the start of a session, you will probably be able to go 60min until one of these is needed. From there, 2 per hour (46g carbs) should be enough for most sessions. Make sure you consume with water! 

Z-Mag -  Getting the right minerals gets a little tricky with soil depletion, which is why we love this blend. It contains: magnesium citrate, zinc gluconate, organic selenium & taurine. These all help maintain energy levels, immune system, muscle cramps, muscle health, mental wellbeing and sleep... The list goes on and on here if you are interested! Take 3 a day. 


We hope this helps. Hit us up if you have any questions!