Questions for the ever inquisitive:

  • Can Bike Psyche create a custom pack for me? You bet - shoot us an email at jjeffree@bikepsyche.cc with some details and we will work with you to create the perfect order.
  • Why do you only stock one type of everything? Because they are the best! Everything we stock, we back. 
  • Is it possible to get other brands? Possibly! Feedback it always welcome, and we love to help a brother or sister out!
  • How did Bike Psyche calculate what was in packs? Experience on the bike & a lot of calculations! The packs are a super cost effective way of buying everything you need in one shot, but they might not be perfect for everyone. As always - feedback is welcome! 


Something we didn't answer? Shoot us an email - jjeffree@bikepsyche.cc